Will Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 feature a major in-game event like Season 4’s meteor crash or the infamous rocket launch?

Ever since excavation sites began popping up around the Fortnite map, a few clues have been revealed about what lays underneath the surface.

Dusty Divot’s site revealed a huge metal pirate anchor and dinosaur bones, while Loot Lake’s site consists of something completely different.

On April 17, Loot Lake’s construction was complete by revealing a huge metal door with four mysterious slots.

Loot Lake’s rune activation

A rune appeared above one of Loot Lake’s slots, where players were required to deal damage in order to move the mystical item to its slot.

The second rune appeared on April 23, but this time, it simply dropped right into place.

A video of the second rune activation was posted to Twitter by iScenario:

What is the purpose of the runes?

The true purpose of the runes have not been revealed, but we think that they could be pointing towards a map-changing event for Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9.

There are about two weeks left in Season 8, and Epic usually has plans up their sleeves for new seasons.

IMG: LootLakeBR

One theory we have is that the giant metal door at Loot Lake is holding back a huge mystical monster which will act as a world boss.

There are still two more runes to be placed at Loot Lake, and we expect the final rune to kick off an in-game event.

We would like to see another wild season-ending event like the Rocket Launch from Season 4.

Do you think Epic is trolling with the metal door at Loot Lake? Is there something mysteriously epic being hidden? Let us know your thoughts!

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