Fortnite Season 9 is almost here! Epic Games has released the second teaser for Season 9 on social media and continues to strangely tease an unknown future.

Season 8 has been a long haul due to constant disappointments and mistakes from the side of Epic Games and Season 8 is coming to an end. Season 9 is set to begin in just a few days.

Epic Games has released the second teaser for Season 9. Similar to previous seasons, all we get is an image for now.

Second Season 9 teaser released

Epic Games has released the second Season 9 teaser for Fortnite. Same as with other seasons, they’ve tweeted an image of a skin coming to the game.

The only information we have so far for Season 9 are the words, “The Future is Bright.” This image has the letter “E.” With the first two images combined, we’ve got “NE” spelt out, with one more teaser coming.

The first Season 9 teaser said “The Future is unknown.”

Beyond this cursory information, we don’t know much about Season 9 at this point. The Volcano recently destroyed Tilted Towers and Retail Row, but we suspect even bigger map changes are coming shortly.

The image colors do draw our minds to Rifts, so maybe the next Season will be based heavily on the Rift dimension again. It does seem like an excellent delivery system for new characters and themes into the Fortnite universe.

Take everything with a grain of salt at this point. We will report on any Season 9 leaks as they come out. Be sure to keep checking back to stay up to date on all Season 9 info.

Season 9 begins Thursday, May 9.

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