Fortnite’s been around for two years now and Epic Games looks to celebrate through a wave of second birthday challenges.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since Fortnite launched and rocked the game industry with its mass scale combat. Honestly, it truly does feel like we dropped into Greasy for the first time just weeks ago. But, that’s how time flies when you are grabbing up Victory Royales.


To celebrate the two year anniversary of Fortnite’s launch, Epic has added a set of Second Birthday challenges along with some rewards for completion.

Second Birthday Fortnite Challenges & Rewards

The Second Birthday event has finally arrived with Epic releasing a small set of celebratory content for fans. From our perspective, it’s a nice and humble offering that allows players to grab a few extras while completing Fortbyte and Battle Pass Challenges.

Similar to the 14 Days of Summer challenges, each Second Birthday challenge grants a unique cosmetic reward. There are four challenges in total with fairly straightforward objectives.

Second Birthday Fortnite Challenges

As you can see, there’s nothing overly complicated here with the possible exception of dancing at ‘different Birthday Cakes.’ We’ve put up guide on where to find all 10 Birthday Cakes around the map.

In terms of the rewards, there’s an exclusive Wrap, Music Track, Spray, and Emoticon. If you complete all four of the challenges in the next 6 days, you’ll also receive the Birthday Slice Pickaxe.

We also went ahead and took specific pictures of each reward in case you cannot reach the game at the moment. The music track is left out as it’s only really properly experienced with audio in-game.

We’d say that these rewards are adequate and deliver a little something for fans while not going overboard. If you think the event’s a little underwhelming compared to others, you should take into account that Epic’s essentially throwing a birthday party for themselves and they want to do so in good taste.

In addition, Epic’s exceedingly busy with Season 10 content creation and the Fortnite World Cup Finals which start on July 26 at 12:30 PM EST. Significant map changes may be heading our way as the new season revs up due to the Zero Point Orb at Loot Lake. Recently, this purple ball of cascading power began to crack open and threatens to cause harm to nearby areas.

What’re your thoughts on Season 9 and the second year of Battle Royale action overall? We’d rank the season among the top even with all its little problems due to great events, cosmetics, and genuine efforts by Epic to always improve the game for the better. Hopefully, Season 10 will bring more of the same!