Each day of the 14 Days of Summer event will bring back a single vaulted weapon for 24 hours. Yesterday’s gun was the Light Machine Gun and its replacement brings a much larger impact to Fortnite’s temporary meta.

The 14 Days of Summer feature a unique idea with its unvaulted weapons. Yes, the meta will be completely up in the air for the next two weeks, but it’s a good way to see which weapons would be viable to permanently return.

For example, the Light Machine Gun had a large impact on June 25th’s meta and gave players a new build shredder. Today’s addition might not be so well received, however. We’ll let you judge for yourself.

Quad Launcher unvaulted for 24 hours

The Quad Launcher returns for a single day of mayhem and destruction

June 26th unvaulted weapon is the notorious Quad Launcher. If you don’t like the Rocket Launcher’s killing power, you’ll absolutely despise this wrecking machine. Let’s go over how it works just in case you’ve forgotten.

Remember, the weapon will only be available for 24 hours, so you can simply wait it out if you don’t want to face its wrath.

Quad Launcher Weapon Stats

Live gameplay screenshot of Fortnite on June 26th

Stats make up the bulk of how a gun preforms and reacts to player actions. The Quad Launcher was vaulted in patch 7.20, over two season ago. Many players will not have experienced its power and will soon see why it was locked away.

As you might expect, the Quad Launcher uses Rocket Ammo and features a 4 round magazine. Stats like fire rate, damage, and DPS are listed below:

  • Rarities: Legendary/Epic
  • Bullet Type: Rockets
  • Damage Per Second: 80/84
  • Damage Per Bullet: 80/84
  • Fire Rate: 1 per second
  • Magazine Size: 4
  • Reload Time: 4.75 seconds
  • Structure Damage: 315/330

This gargantuan launcher essentially gives you the power of four rocket launchers in one. This means pushing opponents in Solos becomes much easier. Consequently, teams with several Quads can overwhelm opponents as rockets will hit in between builds.

Countering a single Quad is doable with enough building materials and quick edits. The rockets do not move any faster than regular rockets, so you’ll want time to get shots in with good window edits. With that said, you’ll be in a constant struggle to create solid foundations as the rockets rain down.

We believe this addition to be a great example of how Epic can effectively use this ‘unvaulting per day’ concept. The Quad Launcher isn’t fit to reenter the meta, but its powerful pushing capability might be useful for balancing Solos at some point. Data can be gathered from these short playtests without destabilizing the meta for weeks or months.

As always, be sure to keep checking back on FortniteINTEL every day for the 14 Days unvaulted weapon. In addition, we’ll have guides on Fortbytes, daily summer challenges, and more! See you tomorrow.