Each season includes a special rewards for dedicated players and Season X brings yet another set of these exclusive cosmetics.

Along with the Battle Pass challenges and new content, seasonal releases bring in loads of new cosmetics to Fortnite. While many of these are either purchased from the Item Shop or unlocked with the Battle Pass, some can only be earned over multiple weeks of challenges.

In Season 9, players got the chance to earn the Singularity skin by collecting 90 Fortbytes. With Season 10, players who complete a series of long term challenges will receive three differing rewards.

Season X Zero Point challenges & rewards

In order to unlock these cosmetics, you’ll need to play throughout Season X. The purpose behind these unlocks is to give dedicated players something special to earn while tirelessly grinding the game.

Season X changes things and gives players three cosmetics instead a single one. The rewards are a loading screen and two Styles for Season X Battle Pass skins. In order to earn them, you’ll need to complete Zero Point challenges. All these are shown below:

Season X Zero Point Challenges

As you can see, the last challenge will be revealed at a later date. For those that don’t know what Missions are, they are a replacement to the regular challenge system. As many players asked harder challenges, Prestige Missions offer these after you’ve completed the ‘normal’ variants.

The rewards for the Zero Point challenges are unlocked at 1, 3, and 5 challenges completed. They are the Twilight Flight loading screen, Sparkle Supreme Slow Dance Style, and the Ultima Knight Red Style. You can see images of these below:

Like with previous similar cosmetics, we enjoy having a long term goal to keep us focused during gameplay. While getting Victory Royales is fun in and of itself, getting an exclusive skin for our efforts makes it even better.

Be sure to check out all the other Season X content on the site as well. The season launch brought with it many changes to the Fortnite map including the reintroduction of Dusty Depot. We recommend giving a quick read through the patch notes before hopping in game to make sure you don’t go in completely blind.