Your Week 2 & BRUTE missions, should you choose to accept them, have been leaked by prominent Fortnite data-miners.

Missions are the main source of Battle Stars in Season X and require you to complete a wide array of differing tasks from eliminations to victories. Epic officially released three full sets of missions in patch v10.0 and the first of the BRUTE Squad challenges.

Fortunately, the Fortnite community has the ability to see into the future through the skilled work of data-miners. The latest leak reveals the second week’s Mission set along with the remainder of the BRUTE Squad objectives.

Season X Week 2 & BRUTE Squad Missions Leaked

It wouldn’t be Fortnite without the next wave of missions being leaked at least a week ahead of launch. The leak not only lets us take a look at what tasks lie ahead of us, but also show off some of the rewards.

The leaks come courtesy of @Lucas7yoshi, a well trusted source for Fortnite leaks.

B.R.U.T.E. Missions

BRUTE Squad missions are only available for the first week of Season X. These are the first limited time ‘challenges’ to offer Battle Stars. You can also earn XP and a loading screen by completing these tasks. The BRUTE Squad challenges disappear on August 8, so you’d better get going!

Week 2 ‘Shootdown At Sundown’ Missions

Weekly Missions sets are not on a timer and can be completed at any point during Season X. You must own the Battle Pass in order to earn progress towards these challenges. These will be available on August 8 at 9AM EST.

Season X has delivered serious reforms to the challenge and Battle Pass completion process. We’re still getting used to all the changes, but our initial thoughts are positive overall. We’ll have to see what Epic has to offer as we move into the further weeks down to the line.

The launch also brought map changes like the return of Dusty Divot and vaulted several major items like the Air Strike and Baller. It’s not completely crazy to say that Season X bringss one of the most impactful patches in history due to the BRUTE Mech.

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