SquatingDog is back with another one of his helpful cheats sheets to coach you through the current challenges.

While we write articles about the difficult challenges and tell you how to complete them, there is just something clean about the way SquatingDog delivers all the challenges on his sheet.

Here are the Fortnite challenges for Season 9, Week 6:

Pretty straightforward stuff this week but having the challenges overlaid with the map is always nice.

You can also find the various Fortbyte locations on there so if you are missing any of those be sure to double back to those locations.

On another note, SquatingDog is expanding his hold on Fortnite Battle Royale graphics.

They posted a new layout for weapon stats on Twitter which give you all the necessary info for each individual weapon.

The first one they covered is the Proximity Launcher:

It isn’t clear if they will be going back in time to create this graphics for old weapons or if they will just stick to new additions into the game.

Either way, it is cool to have another resource around the game. The stats feel like they stick better in my mind using this format than just scrolling through the numbers on other sites, but that just comes down to personal preference.

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