Week 3 Challenges will go live on Thursday, but the location of the hidden battle star has already been leaked and revealed. Take a look!

Challenges for Fortnite’s seasons are on a weekly activation cycle, but that doesn’t stop the community from getting some peeks at the future.

The loading screen for Week 3 reveals just enough information to help us get the position of the next Hidden Battle Star. We’ve created a short guide to help you find the star once the time comes to collect.

Week 3 Hidden Battle Star

First, we’ll have to take a look at the loading screen for Week 3. This picture features a whole of dogs along with a ‘dog-man.’ The humorous ensemble might distract you from the clue given in the lower part of the pic.

A drawing of a stack of differing cars and vehicles can be seen on the concrete block. There’s only location in Fortnite this type of stack of vehicles, Junk Junction!

Once you’ve completed all of your Week 3 challenges, glide your way down onto Junk Junction. The pile of vehicle is found sitting in front of the complex, outside the southern gate.

Fortnite Week 3 Hidden Battle Star Location

While we can’t know the exact position for sure until the release of the Week 3 challenges, you can be certain to find it very close to this truck. Perhaps on top of the whole pile.

Week 3 Hidden Battle Star

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