Each week of challenges in Fortnite brings a new hidden Battle Star or Banner for players to collect. These can only be collected after the week’s challenges are completed.

Fortnite’s challenges can be a little frustrating and tricky from time to time, but at least there is a reward at the end.

Every week’s challenge completion gives players the opportunity for a free cache of Battle Stars for their Battle Pass. That is, if they can find it. Luckily, we’re here to help you find Week 1’s hidden Battle Star.

Week 1 Hidden Battle Star Location

As with every other Season, you will have to complete all challenges in Week 1 to be able to see the hidden Battle Star.

You can see the week’s challenges in our dedicated article on the topic.

As for the location of the Week 1 Battle Star, you will need to head to the far east. Aim for Lonely Lodge and veer slightly south. Here’s a map with the location highlighted by a red circle:

Week 1 hidden Battle Star location

While the map can give you a general idea of the location, we know that a picture from in-game will help out even more.

The Battle Star will appear on that grey patch in the grass

This picture is taken on the road leading south from Lonely Lodge. It is directly after the crossroads that splits off towards the mansion. It’s a little grey patch in the middle of bright green grass.

Remember, you will need to complete all Week 1 challenges for the Star to appear.

Upon completing all challenges, players will receive a new loading screen which points the way to this Star’s location. You can see the coordinates written on the side of the mini-gun.

Coordinates on the side of the minigun