Season 9’s official downtime start has been announced Epic Games in a new tweet. The future approaches quickly as we gear up for the release of Season 9 content.

We’ve all been waiting for the official announcement for Season 9’s start time. Epic Games has now released the downtime tweet for the next season.

The excitement can barely be contained as a whole new season is about to hit.

Season 9 Downtime Start Announced

Season 9 will have a bit of downtime associated with it. This happens with every major patch that comes to Fortnite. Epic Games confirmed the official start via Twitter on Wednesday.

Downtime for Season 9 patching will begin at 4AM EST/1AM PST/0800 UTC.

We expect that the downtime for the patch will take a little longer than the average patch. This is due to the likely map changes, new items, cosmetics, and other graphical content.

Players should set their clients/consoles to ‘auto-update’ mode so they can be ready to play when they get on for Season 9. The size of the patch file is unknown at this time, but we expect a minimum of 10 to 20 GBs due to all the file changes.

We will be reporting on all things Season 9 as soon as the patch goes live for all players. Be sure to follow @FortniteINTEL on Twitter to stay up-to-date on Fortnite Season 9 news.