The third Season 9 teaser was recently released by Epic Games and it may hold more information than is apparent at first glance.

Each teaser image released by Epic Games has essentially been a soft reveal for a Battle Pass skin. The third one is quite similar and follows the same theme of the first two.

However, the community has begun to take a deeper dive into the picture. Through some overlay work, a possible reveal of Season 9 map changes may have been teased by Epic Games.

Snowy & Desert biome changes incoming

The latest teaser image from Epic Games includes a new skin set into the letter ‘O’. We talked about the revelation of the backgrounds in another article, but the teaser has even more to offer.

As you can see, the character has some sort of tracker on his arm. The tracker shows the shape of the Fortnite map. This could be a new map completely as fans have been asking for, but the similarities in shape are beginning to pick that theory apart.

Fear not, this does not mean that the map can’t give us new details.

According to @Hypex, a Fortnite leaker and info expert, this little map might be hinting at Season 9 map changes. Check it out.

When the map on the arm is overlaid with the current Fortnite map, a small sliver is cut from the South of the map. The icy spikes left over from the Iceberg seems to fade away and the desert could be losing some of it landmass to rising tides.

All of this is speculation, but the top of the map lines up extremely well with the overlay. This suggests that the image’s differences are no accident.

A possible story arc would see the ice from the southwest melt into the ocean. This would in turn raise the water level a little bit, drowning some of the current map in water in the southeast.

The purple map doesn’t show any other details, so speculation on location specific changes will have to wait til later.