While a picture can say thousand words, the three Season 9 teaser images may say just a single one. The teasers are spelling out a teaser of their own.

Epic Games started releasing teaser images for Season 9 on Monday, May 6th. Two images have come out so far and they seem to relaying a message.

Each image has a skin teaser within a letter. With two teasers down, we can begin to guess at what the meaning behind the letters might be.

Teasers seem to be spelling out ‘NEW’

The teasers image from the first two days have now been released. The first one displayed the letter ‘N’ and the second has the letter ‘E’.

As Season 9 launches on the May 9th, only three teaser images will presumably be released by Epic Games. With that information, we can conclude that the mostly like word that the teasers are spelling out is ‘NEW.’

With this speculation, we can go one step further and start to think about possible meanings for ‘NEW.’

The first one that many in the community have jumped to is a new map for Fortnite. Players, both casual and competitive, have been asking for an all new Battle Royale map.

This could help with a lot of the game’s competitive problems if Epic focuses on structured map design, more predictable loot, and better performance overall. It would also be a breathe of fresh air for casual players.

With this said, we cannot say whether the current map would be removed or would Epic follow the route of PUBG with multiple map queues. We are hoping for the latter.

Other theories include new weapons, new locations, and new ‘stuff’ in general. Perhaps even a radically different new core mode.

None of them are as exciting as a new map, but they might be a bit more plausible. We’ll soon find out as Season 9 begins on Thursday, May 9th.