Season 9 started up last week with huge changes to the Fortnite meta. Do you know each and every change made to Fortnite in v9.00? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

Quizzes are a nice and simply way to test our knowledge of Fortnite while also having a bit of fun. Season 9 brought a lot of new content with its release and memorizing every little thing is quite a feat.

Season 9’s v9.00 might be one of the most influential patches of Fortnite. The changes have completely overhauled the meta of the game and brought new skills to the forefront.

While competitive players have expressed their concerns over the massive changes, the casual community has reacted with a positive lean to the changes. With this said, bugs and glitches continue to wreck havoc on the people’s opinion of Fortnite.

The Combat Shotgun has become a divisive topic in the community

But, for now, let’s table the discussion of quality. It’s time to test your knowledge with a quick Season 9 quiz.

The quiz includes questions ranging from location changes to weapon buffs to Battle Pass items. Each question tests a different part of your overall Season 9 knowledge.

If you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t worry. You can simply give your best guess and the quiz will show you the right answer if you happen to get it wrong. This way the quiz can also teach you something new about Fortnite!

You can tell us how you did by leaving a comment with your score. You can also head to @FortniteINTEL on Twitter and tweet us your score.

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