Epic Games heard that you like challenges with your challenges, so they put some challenges…on your challenges. It’s Week 8 cheat sheet time.

It’s another Fortnite Thursday and that means challenges galore. This week features everything from jigsaw puzzles to telephones. It’s certainly a nice variety.

Every week, the community gets together to find the best ways to quickly complete these challenges. We’ve got a few guides of our own for hasty traversal of this week’s gauntlet, but a cheat sheet really helps speed things along.

Week 8 Season 8 Challenges Cheat Sheet

Every single week, a dedicated community member gets up early to begin completing Fortnite challenges and search for the solutions to each of the week’s problems.

That community member’s named is @thesquatingdog. He produces a cheat sheet for the Fortnite fanbase within hours of the challenge releases. Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter and thank him for his hard work.

Here’s the cheat sheet for the Season 8 Week 8 challenges:

Week 8 Cheat Sheet – via @thesquatingdog

To show your support and help the creator continue creating these sheets, we recommend that you use his Creator Code “SQUATINGDOG” when purchasing items from the Fortnite Item Shop.

You can also check out ‘thesquatingdog’ on Twitch. He regularly streams Fortnite and plays with viewers. Check him out at twitch.tv/squatingdog.

Week 8 Challenges Hub Article

Complete 65 weekly challenges to unlock ‘Ruin’ – via Epic Games

The cheat sheet above can help you locate the positions for puzzle pieces and other challenges objectives.

However, if you are struggling with efficiency and are short on time, we got some additional guides to help you out.

The guides show some of the fastest routes through the challenge locations and will help you complete them in optimal times.

You can head to our hub article to check out the guides as well as a full list of all Week 8 challenges.

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