Season 6 features a 6-stage legendary outfit known as Calamity, which comes in 4 different clothing coloring options.

Anticipation, as always, has been high for the next phase of the game and so far fans don’t seem to be disappointed with what Epic Games have announced.

One of the most interesting parts of the battle pass is learning what the level 100 unlockable skin would be.

We’ve seen iconic skins be included for level 100, with John Wick being a notable favorite for fans of the game.

From ranch hand to righteous retribution.

Stage 1

Base Skin, no unlock required.

Stage 2

Gain 20,000 XP.

Stage 3

Gain 50,000 XP

Stage 4

Gain 90,000 XP.

Stage 5

Gain 140,000 XP.

Stage 6

Gain 200,000 XP.

Color White

Base color set, no unlock required.

Color Teal

Complete 10 Weekly Challenges.

Color Purple

Complete 25 Weekly Challenges.

Color Black

Complete 50 Weekly Challenges.