Week 4 of Season X has now officially begun with the Battle Pass mission set available for all players who own the pass.

Each and every week brings a new wave of missions for Season X players. These missions replaced the typical challenge structure. We’ve been quite happy with the new system as it’s brought a sizable increase to the variety of week to week challenges.

As of August 22, week 4 of Season X is underway. The mission for the week is named Smash & Grab and offers great rewards. If you are looking to complete the Battle Pass in time for Season 11, these missions are your best bet.

Week 4 ‘Smash & Grab’ Missions now available

The Smash & Grab missions went live on August 22. These missions can only be completed if you own the Season X Battle Pass. Limited time mission sets can be completed by free players.

The following list was released by @Lucas7yoshi, a data miner for all things Fortnite.

IMG: Lucas7Yoshi

As you can see, these missions are all about speed. Most Smash & Grab objectives feature a time limit of some kind. You’ll need to get caffeine into your system to get the blood pumping and zoom your way to more Battle Stars.

In all honesty, the tasks aren’t very difficult. The list’s second half features the Prestige versions of the missions and they offer a tiny bit more of a challenge.

The best chance for collecting chests and Supply Drops is Team Rumble. You’ll have tons of teammates protecting your flanks while you loot and enemies usually land on their side at the beginning of matches.

Season X Week 4 Smash & Grab Rewards

Smash & Grab mission rewards

Of course, what would be the point of completing the missions without rewards? Epic have served up another platter of excellent treats for all.

These rewards are unlocked via the new progression system in missions. Each completion will unlock one reward in the chain. Complete all missions to unlock the final reward. Battle Star rewards have been significantly increased as a result. Gone are the days of the five-stage, five Battle Star challenges.

Normal Smash & Grab Rewards

  • 50 Battle Stars
  • 5,000 Seasonal XP
  • Trophy Sack Back Bling

Prestige Smash & Grab Rewards

  • 5,000 Seasonal XP
  • Rust Lord Spray
  • X-Lord (Hunter) Style

All Smash & Grab missions can be completed until the end of Season X. Limited time missions can only be completed the week of their release.

How have you been enjoying the new mission system in Fortnite? We think it’s certainly an upgrade over the old challenges. Still, other problems are plaguing the experience like BRUTEs which make it hard to focus on the positive aspects of Epic’s design. We’ll keep you updated on any new challenges as they are released.

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