Epic Games has revealed the time & date for the release of the patch v10.10 Content Update.

Every week, Epic updates Fortnite with something new. Depending on the week, these can come in the form of Content Updates or full on patches. These two update types vary in their amounts of content and needs for downloaded files.

The next update to hit the game will be a Content Update, according to Epic’s latest statement. They revealed the time and date for the patch v10.10 Content Update on August 19 via Twitter.

Season X Patch v10.10 Content Update announced

In prep for the launch of the Junk Rift item, Epic Games has revealed the release times for the next update. They, in their usual fashion, announced the information via the official Fortnite Twitter account.

While the update tweet doesn’t have anything special in terms of content, the timing is quite peculiar. Usually patches release for the game at around 4AM EST. Instead, Epic has decided to move that time to 8AM EST on August 20. This could simply be a one time thing to allow Epic more time to push the update live.

However, it’s also a possibility that Epic wants to permanently move the patch schedules. This would make the gameplay updates arrive later in the day in Europe and still be awaiting players in the morning for North American players. As Epic Games is based in North Carolina, USA, it wouldn’t surprising to see them adjust these to better fit the NA release schedules.

We’ll keep you updated on any leaks and news on the patch. Be sure to check back on August 20 for full patch notes. Content Updates do not require any downloads, but can still contain significant changes like vaulted weapons and items.