Fortnite Battle Royale’s next set of missions, Week 5, have released and one of them sends players searching between a rotary phone, fork-knife, and hilltop house.

One of the seven challenges included in the Blockbuster set tasks players to search at a specific location, similar to previous Fortnite challenges.

Without knowing exactly where to look, finding the location can be difficult and time-consuming. We have a guide to help you complete this challenge quickly so players can move on to earning Victory Royales.

The mission is straightforward to where players have to search for one location, that is marked below. It is not necessary to search the rotary phone, fork-knife, or hill-top house.

The location is to the west of Fatal Fields.

Once players collect the Battle Star at the location and complete their Battle Royale match, they will complete the mission.

Just like previous Fortnite seasons, once players complete three weekly challenges, a hidden Battle Star will unlock somewhere around the Battle Royale map. Here’s our guide on how to find Season X’s Week 5 star.

Keep in mind there are another set of challenges to complete, Catastrophic, with the first one releasing on August 29. Check out our guide on how to complete it quickly and earn its reward.

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