Every so often a Fortnite Creative design for The Block comes across that immediately captures the eye.

The most recent amazing design comes from Prudiz Creations who created a rock monster attacking a spaceship.

The monster resembles the pokemon Onyx in a lot of ways, but the addition of razor sharp rock teeth and molten lava eyes make it much more fearsome.

The spaceship gives off some Millenium Falcon vibes with the shape of the front of it. It stays open though to make it an enjoyable place for players to drop and loot.

Have a look at my newest TheBlock submission. CODE: 2644-1650-6876 A giant creature is attacking a spaceship 🙂 from r/FortniteCreative

This isn’t the first time Prudiz has created a scene like this. They were also awarded a spot on The Block for their massive Ice Dragon map which towered over a small medieval village. They were also featured on The Block for the Llama Sphinx design and for the Skull Island design.

Hopefully this map can also reach The Block, but with Prudiz reaching it so often, Epic may choose to highlight another community creation. Still there is a reason he has had so many maps chosen, because they are all unique and creative.

The other thing worth considering is how this map plays in a competitive setting. Tfue and Cloak have made a habit of dropping to the The Block in World Cup qualifiers, so the viability of The Block matters in that case.

With so many floating parts of the map, how it would actually play in a match is tough to figure out.

From a purely design perspective though, this is one of the most unique and innovative maps we have ever seen.

Is this a map you want to see added to The Block?

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