People expect critiques of Fortnite from social media, streamers and journalists but now rapper Schoolboy Q is coming after the game.

The rapper is one of the most famous lyricists in Kendrick Lamar’s TDE group. He recently released CrasH Talk – his fifth studio album – in April.

As part of the press run of the album, he went on Sean Evan’s Hot Ones show. Part of the Complex brand, Hot Ones brings on celebrities to do an interview while placing progressively hotter hot sauces on the wings in front of them.

One of the main reasons for the show’s success is Evan’s ability to ask questions the guest usually hasn’t been presented with before.

On the most recent episode, he asks Schoolboy Q where he stands on the Apex Legends vs. Fortnite debate.

Here’s his full response beginning at 10:55:

If you can’t watch the video right now, here’s a transcription of the question and answer:

Evans: Have you picked a side in the great Fortnite vs. Apex Legends debate?

Schoolboy Q: “Apex. Fortnite was dope when it first came out. I was fuckin with it. I was going in. But then they started making it weak, kid-friendly ya know what I mean? Once a game gets so big they have no choice but to cater to the weaker side of it.”

Cause not too many people are good. There’s a small percentage of people who are good vs. people that are just playing. As of right now, Apex is shittin on Fortnite. But Apex is growing rapidly, crazy, crazy. It’s gonna be just as big as Fortnite and they are gonna cater to a bunch of weak ass, lil ass, punk ass kids. Then I’m gonna be right back to ol’ faithful Call of Duty.”

There’s a lot in there. The complaint about Fortnite catering to weaker players definitely does have some merit but new modes like Arena have certainly helped differentiate the player base and proven that this is first and foremost a skill based game.

Will Apex be as big as Fortnite? Probably not. That would require some drastic changes as Fortnite has a much larger player base, more viewers on Twitch and structured physical events in place.

Still, it’s interesting to hear thoughts on the game from such an unlikely source. What do you think about Q’s comments?

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