Saturday Night Live did a sketch on the massive game Fortnite for their first episode of Season 44, in which a single dad tries to learn how to impress his 11-year old son.

During the season premiere of the 44th season of American skit show Saturday Night Live, episode host Adam Driver – most notably the actor for Kylo Ren in Star Wars – lead a sketch revolving around Fortnite Battle Royale and its popularity.

Instead of actually making fun of the game itself, as most SNL sketches tend to do, the sketch actually points more fun at parents trying to understand the concept of Fortnite and the target audience being teenagers.

The main character of the sketch, played by host Adam Driver, is a single dad trying to make Fortnite – his 11 year old son’s favourite game – a way of bonding. Because of this, he tries to get two teens to teach him how to play. SNL usually jumps on trends with skits, such as its parody of Stranger Things, Avengers, and other popular culture.

What’s funny about the sketch isn’t the actual plot, but the show’s way of portraying the video game with their actors – making the dad’s in-game character, played by Mikey Day, walk into walls and jump on the spot. It’s really hilarious.

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