We may be getting a sneak peek of the first exclusive Fortnite skin of 2020. Find out how you can get your hands on it.

Fortnite players are no strangers to exclusive skins. It all started with the Galaxy skin that remains one of the best exclusive bundles to date. Want to get W-keyed every game? Throw on the Galaxy skin.


After that, we got a long list of console-exclusive skins, Ikonik, Wonder, Glow – the list goes on and on.

In Fortnite v11.40, it looks like we may have gotten a look at the first exclusive skin of 2020: Iris.

Via: Lucas7Yoshi

There are several reasons that Fortnite data miners are calling Iris an exclusive skin. There aren’t any ‘FeaturedItems’ tags on the skin – nor are there any other codes that point to the Item Shop.

The skin also matches the K-Pop theme of the Ikonik and the axed K-Pop skin from a year ago. As of now, the prevailing theory is that this skin will be attached to the Galaxy S11. Epic has partnered with Samsung in the past, so another exclusive skin wouldn’t be surprising.

To make matters even more interesting, the official Samsung Netherlands account responded to news of the leaked skin. They claimed to have no knowledge of the partnership but told fans to “watch the Galaxy Unpacked live stream on Tuesday, February 11. Perhaps we will announce something about a new skin, who knows..”

So, all signs are pointing to the Iris skin being the first exclusive skin of 2020 for Galaxy S11 customers. Fortnite players who use the iPhone have to be jealous of all of the Android attention.

Would an exclusive Fortnite skin ever sway your opinion when it comes to purchasing a phone? We’d love to know.

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