The in-game events are picking up steam! A new rune is slowly moving across the ground in the direction of the lake.

The rune takes damage from players and is synced to a larger server so all players can slowly chip away damage at it.

Like the iceberg on the island in Season 7, that damage will begin to increase rapidly as more players dedicate their matches to hitting the rune. Here’s what it looks like as it moves:

Unlike the iceberg, which could only be damaged by pickaxes, this rune takes damage from all sorts of weapons according to responses on Twitter. The most effective are apparently canons and boomboxes which each can tick off over a thousand damage quickly.

The rune appeared this morning and it moves two meters every 100,000,000 damage. (That statement was incorrect, see update at bottom) That seems like a lot, but at this point the rune is moving almost constantly.

Someone who is better at math than I am calculated the distance to Loot Lake and how quickly the rune will reach it on its current path.

According to that math, the rune should reach Loot Lake today at around 3:50 PM ET.

So what will happen when the rune reaches loot lake?

Great question big type Mitch. We can’t be sure of course, but we have some theories.

Lately we have been getting more clues about the possibility of Kevin’s return. Players from Season 5 will remember the giant purple cube sinking into Loot Lake and turning it into a trampoline. (Please bring the bouncy lake back)

Lucas7Yoshi, a Fortnite leaker, has an interesting theory based off of something he saw in the game files.

That would make a lot of sense as Epic likes to slowly release facets of in game events that build up to something.

What exactly is at Loot Lake is still up for debate. We expect it to include Kevin in some way, but people have also theorized that it is Captain America’s shield.

Avengers: Endgame comes out exactly one week from today and we already know that Thanos is coming back for a future LTM.

Maybe Epic has a bigger activation planned around this new movie using other characters from the Marvel universe.

What do you think is about to go down at the Lake?

Update 4:00 PM ET: The amount of damage it takes to move the rune has been increasing with each iteration. The last number I saw for the rune has now made the damage 1,500,000,000. That is 15x the damage it had when it started.

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  1. Guys, is it just me or does the rock it’s on look a lot like the rune itself…? For example, it has the same shape to it.
    Another thing I noticed is it has a shield around it. Look at the damage numbers as a player hits it- they’re blue; as though someone were had been shot after drinking shield potions. When hit, the weird static/glitched looking shield sends out a wave around it. I expect other runes to appear soon, and not all very close to Loot Lake. When all five have gone into their respective spots at loot, I think the vent will start. However, i’m confused on how this will work when the shield looking thing is already on the little rune rock thing. However, all of the shields are still at loot lake. Anyway, we may also see a huge multi-server boss fight, because what else could all these damage tests be for? IDK, but at least that’s my idea on what will happen.


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