Fortnite leaked ‘Blizzard Blitzer’ gun found in v11.30

A leaked Fortnite weapon has been found in the game files in time for the holidays.
Fortnite Mobile Controller Support

Fortnite Aim Assist is vastly different on PC and console

According to community reporting, arguments that aim assist is both overpowered and underpowered are both correct. Let's explore.

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Star Wars X Fortnite 2 is coming. Here are the cosmetics we hope to see accompany the crossover.

Fortnite holiday update: what to expect

According to the postponement of a Cash Cup, it looks like we should be getting a Fortnite holiday update on December 4.

Epic confirmed a Fortnite pre-edit setting … 6 months ago

During an AMA six months ago, Epic confirmed that they were "actively considering" a Fortnite pre-edit setting. What happened?

Fortnite leaks show Christmas map update and Battle Bus song

Tis the season for early Fortnite Christmas speculation. These leaks and in-game finds give us a sneak peek of what will happen this holiday season.

Nick Eh 30 gets a sneak peek of a Fortnite FoV...

A Fortnite FoV slider has been one of the most-requested additions to Fortnite. Streamer Nick Eh 30 stumbled on one by accident.

Leaked footage of the Heavy AR shows it’s the new best...

The return of the Heavy AR was leaked in patch v11.20. This new footage shows just how powerful the new AK will be in Fortnite.

Fortnite event watch: Something is happening at Risky Reels

Based on leaks and past events, it appears as though Risky Reels will have a central role in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 event.