Xbox appears to have leaked a first look at the skins for Fortnite Season 8 ahead of the Season’s official launch in just a few hours!

The Xbox One dashboard for some users updated with new artwork for Fortnite with “Season 8 is here” featuring what appears to be our first look at just some of the Season 8 skins.

This image is going around on Reddit and Twitter:

Here’s another version of the image floating around from an international Xbox One store page:

While these images are not confirmed yet, Season 8’s start is just hours away, so it’ll all be confirmed or denied soon.

Downtime for Season 8’s new patch begins at 4AM ET on February 28. There’s no info on how long the downtime will last, but past Season start updates have had 1.5 hours of downtime before the new update was fully live for all players.

Stay tuned to @FortniteINTEL and for the latest news on Season 8!

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