Week 3 requires you to search for rubber ducks hidden around the map. Here are all the current known locations as reported by ShelbyRenae and BigFoltz:

  1. Off the edge of the map at the waterfall found north-east of Anarchy Acres
  2. East of the big house at Lonely Lodge, located in the pool of water
  3. Next to the jetty found in the north-eastern corner of Loot Lake
  4. In the bathroom of the broken house found in north-west Retail Row
  5. Under the water tower on the eastern side of Retail Row
  6. In the pool of water located slightly north-west of the Crab statue in Moisty Mire
  7. Off the edge of the map at the waterfall found west of Lucky Landing
  8. Under the bridge found slightly north-west of Lucky Landing
  9. In the lake found on the southern edge of Fatal Fields
  10. In the pool found at Snobby Shores at the 2nd house from the south

Some additional locations have been reported over on Reddit and Twitter:

  • In the showers located on the western side of the Soccer stadium
  • In a little cave next to the river on the south-western side of Lonely Lodge

Once you find a rubber duck, simply interact with it. To complete the challenge, you need to locate a total of 10 and in return you will receive 5 Battle Stars as a reward.

If you’d prefer to watch a video showing the locations, DooM ShelbyRenae covers them in her video below: