Season 9’s most hyped event draws ever closer as Epic Games continues to build up the giant Robot at Pressure Plant. The mech has gotten all new updates to its chassis as it towers towards the sky.

Each of Fortnite’s seasons contains major game changing events like the Unvaulting event of Season 8 or the famous Rocket Launch which poured Fortnite into the real world. We can expect something similar from the Giant Robot vs. Monster (Cattus) event.

The event’s details have been mostly covered in fog as Epic Games wants to keep it all secret until the big day. However, new updates to the Giant Robot and small data leaks have gotten us a little more information.

Fortnite’s Giant Robot gets torso upgrade

There’s truly nothing better in gaming that the build up (literal this time around) to a Fortnite Season ending event. The Unvaulting wasn’t beloved by all, but the staging for it was superb theater from Epic.

Season 9 won’t see us teleporting to any other dimensions, but we’ll get to witness a massive Mech Vs. Monster battle. Epic Games has been busy encrypting event files, but in-game updates have given us a little more information for the event.

The Giant Robot being built at Pressure Plant now has a torso…and it is massive. We’ve got you a picture, but you should head into a game to check it out for yourself. The scale can’t be adequately described, it’s the biggest object Fortnite has ever seen.

Robot Torso viewed from Volcano’s southern edge

According to data-leaker, FortTory, the next steps of the building process will be the Bicep Left, Bicep Right, and Forearm Left. Unfornately for all of us, no images of the next stages can be found due to their encryption. If you try to view them through a Unreal Engine package viewer, all you will find is a bunch of jumbled up textures and model bits.

We also got you a short video of Pressure Plant as of July 8th. It gives a better idea of how huge this robot is when compared to our player model flying directly next to it.

May we suggest you listen to the Pacific Rim main theme while you view the video above? It’s an excellent choice for any and all Mech related videos.

But, what of the monster? Where is this behemoth lurking nowadays?

Where’s our friend, the Cattus monster?

I always feel like…a giant deadly monster is watching me

While the Pressure Plant mech has been occupying our attention for the last few weeks, it was the ‘Cattus’ monster that filled our minds with fears in the early parts of Season 9. As of late, the escaped monster hasn’t been making much noise.

We first saw the Cattus monster inside of the Polar Peak iceberg, but it then escapes its icy prison and took a part of Polar Peak with it. The monster also destroyed the modern house at the Pleasant Park and one of the Snobby Shores building also got the treatment.

Around the same time, players could see the monster swimming around the Fortnite island with Polar Peak’s tower on its back! We swear, no one builds an in-game story plot like Epic.

Spotted the Sea Monster swimming around with Polar Peak from r/FortNiteBR

As for additional details on the monster’s whereabouts or the location of the Mech vs. Monster, we’ve got the leak of event’s timer for now. We’ll let you know as soon as any more leaks start to surface. Don’t expect too much before the event’s launch as Epic seems to be buttoning down the leaky ship.

How excited are you for this massive event? Fortnite’s definitely seen some game-changing stuff, but a Mech vs. Monster battle could tear apart gigantic parts of the map. The fight will certainly tie into any major map changes coming with the launch of Season 10.