Another rift beacon has been activated in Fortnite, which means we can now speculate what will be changing in the next update.

Throughout the course of Season X, rift beacons have been opening around the map that transformed areas into something completely different.

The most recent one to start up was the one in Tilted Town, which transformed the already changed location into Gotham City for the Fortnite x Batman crossover event.

Let’s hope this remains untouched.

Now we can set our eyes towards what’s coming in the future and it looks like we already have our answer for that.

The beacon that’s near Junk Junction is now active which means we can expert the whole area to be terraformed in the coming update.

The Junk Junction rift beacon is active.

With no signs of a patch coming on Tuesday, September 24 it seems like we can expect this change to come on Thursday.

As we mentioned before, there are currently 12 leaked location names that could eventually make their way to the game. It seems increasingly likely that will be the case here since we gotta burn through these locations somehow.

Many theories have pointed to a major game-changing event at the end of the Season 10 which would completely overhaul the map. There’s not a lot of time left in this season so whatever Epic has planned will have to start happening soon.

The Neo Tilted rift beacon.

There’s also the rocket that’s being built at Dusty Depot which will have some sort of impact on the season. There’s a lot going on this season and it’s pretty hard to pinpoint exactly what direction it’s going in.

What the Junk Junction rift will be transforming into remains anyone’s guess at this point, especially since it’s not actually at a named location.

With this beacon now active, what do you think will be showing up when the new update drops? Feel free to share your predictions in the comments below!

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