A Rift Beacon has been activated at Mega Mall giving us the location of the next Rift Zone.

Season X saw only a few map changes with the v10.0 patch, but Epic Games’ plan for the season follows another route. Rift Zones mix up the Fortnite map by transforming locations dramatically. Neo Tilted was the first of these as it was warped into the no-builds allowed Tilted Town.


The next Rift Zone has been revealed a bright Rift Beacon has been activated within Mega Mall.

Rift Beacon activated at Fortnite’s Mega Mall

The Mega Mall Rift viewed from Paradise Palms

Mega Mall will be the next location to receive a big makeover. The newest Rift Beacon has shot its energy into the skies above and a rift has begun to open. We don’t yet know the details of the location change, but we’ll let you know if any leaks come out.

Each Rift Beacon is activated before the location gets a big shift by being time-warped. The v10.0 patch notes described the Rift Zones to have “mysterious gameplay changes” and we got our first glimpse with Tilted Town’s no building zone. The plural ‘changes’ suggests that each new zone will bring something different.

Judging from the first event, Mega Mall will most likely be teleported back in time. As big fans of the Assassin’s Creed series, we’re finding this way of featuring historical themes quite exciting.

The Rift Beacon drawing power from the Zero Point at Loot Lake

We doubt the time period will be the Wild West as Tilted already got that treatment. Epic Games aren’t ones to repeat things too often, so we’ll probably see something like the Victorian era England or perhaps the Middle Ages. We’d take a large wager on seeing older themed location getting the futuristic treatment in the coming weeks as well.

One thing we still don’t know is if Tilted Town will be reverted to Neo Tilted. The Rift Zone description fails mentioned whether or not these changes are temporary. We might see these changes permanently until the very end of Season X. The change will presumably take place with v10.10 patch on August 13.

What time period would be like to see represented within a Rift Zone? There’s so many historical periods that deserve an appearance, but Ancient Egypt definitely flies to the top of our list.