A ton of Fortnite concepts across social media are fan drawings to show off silly ideas, but some creations are full of inspiration and pride!

Fortnite fans were excited about the arrival of soccer skins thanks to the 2018 World Cup where players could purchase customizable soccer uniforms to help represent their country.

The skin could be purchased for 1,200 V-Bucks and allowed players to customize the skin with their favorite country along with a number that is visible on the back of the character’s jersey and the left short leg.

Redditor astronomixfnbr posted their concept of a country weapon wrap that would allow all players to proudly display their favorite country’s national flag.

IMG: Astronomixfnbr

The proposed weapon wrap concept would allow players to equip a weapon wrap on each available weapon with dozens of country options.

Astronomixfnbr’s concept graphic shows an example of what the FAMAS and Hand Cannon would look like with a Canadian flag wrap.

The concept shows that the primary Canadian color, red, is covered across the top of the weapons while the country’s secondary color and symbol are displayed on the grip.

The “Country wrap” concept is simple, but would certainly draw a lot of purchasers due to how passionate some people are about their country.

If you are interested in more Fortnite concepts, check out this Gold weapon wrap concept we talked about on January 30!

Would you purchase the Country wrap, and if so, which country would you proudly display on your Fortnite weapon?

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