UPDATE: Android-based website XDA Developers has revealed some more info about the Android version of Fortnite, claiming that their source have provided them with additional info:

  • Fortnite on Android will integrate with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen. They were not available to confirm what features it will have within the game as of now.
  • Samsung wants to advertise the new Note 9 as a ‘gaming phone’ and as such struck a partnership with Epic Games.
  • Their sources inform them that Samsung is attempting to partner with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins to promote the Fortnite / Samsung partnership.
  • Fortnite on Galaxy Note 9 will support the Samsung DeX.

A new report from 9to5Google has revealed possible new information regarding the Android version of Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Games announced back in March that Fortnite would be coming to mobile devices. Fortnite has been available on iOS since March, and Epic stated that an Android version would be coming “later this summer.”

Now, new info from 9to5Google states that the Android version of Fortnite will be available exclusively on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for 30 days. Samsung has yet to announce the new Galaxy Note 9, but they are expected to reveal the product at an ‘Unpacked’ reveal event planned on August 9. The Galaxy Note 9 is then expected to launch in mid-August, which means that Fortnite for Android will only become available on non-Galaxy Note 9 devices in September.

The launch of Fortnite on Android is going to come as a special promotion alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is set to be announced in just a couple weeks, our source says. Logic would suggest, then, that the game’s Play Store listing should pop up around the same time the Note 9 becomes publicly available.

In addition, 9to5Google reports that Samsung and Epic have teamed up for even more offerings: those that pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will get V-bucks to use in Fortnite, around $100-$150 worth of V-bucks to use in-game.

None of this information has been announced by Samsung or Epic as of now, but if this information is accurate we should expect to hear about Fortnite for Android at Samsung’s Unpacked event on August 9.

SOURCE: 9to5Google

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