According to a new report, Epic Games avoiding to place Fortnite on the Google Play Store in a bid to save revenue will lose Google at least $50 million in revenue in the next 5 months left of the year.

This is because Epic do not have to pay 30% of all revenue from Fortnite on Android to Google Play, therefore by the end of the year Google will lose at least $50,000,000 USD as a result of this. This may spike a change in Google Play’s revenue system, or prompt Google to strike a deal with Epic. Either way, it doesn’t work in their favour.

To put in comparison, Epic Games most likely put Fortnite on the App Store because iOS disallows users to install apps that aren’t from there. It’s an exclusive store, where-as Android allows third-party APKs.

This news comes after Google were fined hundreds of millions due to forcing other phone manufacturers to promote Google products in return for getting Google Play on their phones.

Source: SensorTower

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