A Fortnite fan noted every chest spawn in each area within the Fortnite Season 7 map and created a picture to show off his work.

Redditor /u/Z444Z created the custom map that displays the number of every possible chest spawn in each Fortnite area.

IMG: /u/Z444Z

What maps this map incredibly useful is that they also logged the chest spawns in unnamed areas too.

This map is perfect for players who are looking for a new landing area with good loot or knowing the next area to rotate towards with the possibility of loot.

The map shows each number in red over each location, which makes it simple to see which areas are more bountiful over others.

Z444Z did note that the map may not be entirely accurate, and will be updating the map along with user suggestions.

Tilted Towers is the leading town with the most chests with a total of 35, according to Z444Z.

The new areas that have been added in Season 7 of Fortnite are some of the most populated areas for chests, with Happy Hamlet at 26 and Frosty Flights at 20.

The Block has been labeled with a question mark since the area is always changing with new user creations.

This map is a great asset for players, casual or competitive, and could possibly aid in your next Victory Royale!

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