Take a look at how to deface Ghost and Shadow recruitment posters for your weekly Fortnite Deadpool challenges.

Week 6 is here, which means another week’s worth of challenges that gets us one step closer to our Deadpool skin.


According to the calendar in Deadpool’s hideout, he’ll be entering the game on April 1. This is, of course, April Fool’s Day, which is a bit concerning.

For now, though, the theory is that Deadpool will take over Fortnite on April 1. He will take over the Battle Bus and finally enter the game as a playable skin – at least, we hope.

While we wait, all we can do is complete the weekly challenges for a red weapon wrap – only the third or fourth red wrap in the game.

The first stage of the challenge requires you to find Deadpool’s big black marker. We’re writing this guide before the challenges go live, so we’re not sure about the marker location just yet.

We’ll update this post when the challenges come out, but this stage is never too difficult. After that, you’ll have to destroy three Ghost or Shadow recruitment posters. It appears as though it doesn’t matter which faction you choose.

Via: @iFireMonkey

These posters are scattered all around the Fortnite map. There are several in each POI, so you won’t have to travel far, once you know where you’re going.

If you’re completing this challenge in Team Rumble, then the central-most location with three recruitment posters is Frenzy Farm.

You’ll find one at the main house, one at the barn, and another on a small building at the southern end of the POI.

Via: Dexerto

If our guide to the dog house locations was any indication, a simple outline of three posters won’t be enough. Team Rumble is filled with players doing exactly what you’re doing, so you’ll have to compete with teammates and enemies for these posters.

This video from randomChievos will give you more options. As you can see, the Shadow posters are in the northeast part of the map, while Ghost trends toward the southeast.

Remember, you’ll need to deface these posters – not destroy them. That means that you should equip a spray to make it as fast as possible.

So, there you have it. You now have your Deadpool back bling, contrail, and weapon wrap. Hopefully, next week will bring us the full skin.

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