Just in time for the big game.

Update: Epic Games has confirmed a Super Bowl LTM in a blog post:


Heya folks,

Didn’t pick up the NFL Outfits last time they were in the store? Well they’re droppin’ back in for a limited time in celebration of Super Bowl LIII!

You can snag these sporty outfits in the store starting on Friday, 2/1 at 7PM ET. Gear up and cheer on the Patriots vs Rams with two additional Outfit styles – white road uniforms for each team. And be sure and visit the item shop starting Saturday, 2/2 at 7PM ET to snag the free Pigskin Toy to prepare for the big game!

After you’re fully suited up, you can pop over to Pleasant Park for a game of catch or play the new NFL Rumble LTM. In this Limited Time Mode, you’ll be on a team of 20 players in Patriots Outfits or Rams Outfits. Battle it out until a victor takes home the trophy.

May the best team win!

Original Story:

The latest Fortnite patch has just released which means dataminers have been extra busy this morning.

It has been discovered an LTM will be coming to Fortnite celebrating Super Bowl 53.

This LTM will be called “NFL Rumble” and the description is this, according to datamines:

“Represent one of the two teams from the Big Game by fighting for the Victory Royale in an action-packed mode where the first team to get 100 eliminations wins!”

From the sound of things, it seems like players will pick either the Rams or the Patriots and battle it out until the end for their respective team.

On top of this, Epic Games has updated the skins for the Patriots and Rams by adding a Super Bowl variant for each of them into the game.

These skins will automatically be updated if you have already owned them in the past.

Fortnite will more than likely be bringing the cosmetics back to the item shop for the Super Bowl so don’t fret if you’ve missed out on them in the past.

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