Some Fortnite community members make some insane stuff outside the game.

With how large Fortnite has become since its initial release in 2017, multiple fans have created some awesome battle royale-themed art outside of the game.

Painting, sculptures, and other forms of Fortnite artwork have become increasingly popular as time goes on and only continue to grow.

This time, we might have found one of the most innovative pieces of Fortnite artwork that we’ve ever seen in the form of a real-life ‘Floating Island’ by Reddit user r/clayclaim.

The infamous Loot Lake floating island was painstakingly recreated out of clay down to the smallest detail and looked exactly like the real, in-game location.

To top it all off, it actually floats with the help of magnets!

Putting a strong magnet into Floating Island to make it fly? Now I‘ve tried from r/FortNiteBR

Every detail was hand-carved with an exacto-knife to make the piece an exact replica of the actual floating island, which must have taken an insane amount of time.

The Floating Island was first introduced to Fortnite at the beginning of Season 6 over the Leaky Lake POI, however, eventually moved around the entire map to various Rune locations.

While the Floating Island eventually disappeared in Season 6 with the pieces falling to the ground, it eventually reappeared in early September near Fatal Fields.

What will actually happen with the Floating Island in Fortnite Season 10? It’s hard to say, but we will certainly keep you updated with new information as it is made available.

Did you like this artwork? Be sure to check out ClayClaim on their official website and YouTube channel for more awesome creations!

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