It’s Fortnite World Cup week and as the event slowly gets closer, we are looking for any preview we can find of the event.

Today, the casters were able to get inside the Arthur Ashe stadium and check out the venue and stage for the first time.

While casters like GoldenBoy and CouRage JD are being paid by Epic – and thus are expected to be positive about the event – their immediate reactions overwhelmingly praise the venue.

CouRageJD has seen a lot of esports stages in his time. He spent years traveling with Call of Duty esports as a caster and has seen everything from arenas to hotel ball room set ups. But even his experience doesn’t quite match GoldenBoy’s.

One of the premiere FPS esports hosts, GoldenBoy started on the MLG Halo circuit, worked for Call of Duty alongside CouRage for a while, and most recently has worked for the Overwatch League.

So when he says something is “mind-blowing” you can trust it comes from an experienced esports mind.

Epic has the tough challenge of orienting 100 different players on the same stage, making it so they can’t see the broadcast being fed to the in-person audience, and creating a good area for hosts to have access to both the players and the feed.

Based on those reactions, it seems like they nailed it.

The venue itself is the most famous tennis court in America. Named after hall of fame tennis player Arthur Ashe, the venue is the annual home of the US Open.

It can seat over 23,000 people for tennis events, but we don’t have an official number of seats for the Fortnite World Cup. Based off of TicketMaster, it seems like the full venue will be open for seating, which means the total seating should be close to that 23,000 mark.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to see actual pictures of the venue until Epic releases them and that likely won’t be until the day before the event at the earliest.

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