The Fortnite World Cup official qualifiers begin on April 14th and with Epic delaying the nerf to The Baller past v8.30, we know what the first event will look like.

Pro players who have been grinding this game are rightfully not happy.

People who have been practicing building, aiming, rotations through the storm, are suddenly having those skills nullified by people driving around in The Baller.

Whether or not you think The Baller is an overpowered vehicle, we can all agree that high-level endgames that look like the clip below are not enjoyable to watch.

For the first week of the qualifiers, that will be similar to the end game of the event. I know many people are tired of complaints from pro players and streamers about the state of the game, but it’s easy to see their side looking at that clip.

There will be $1 million on the line this weekend and people want to practice and play well, not bounce around in balls.

I have been a vocal proponent of Epic splitting the rulesets between casual and competitive play. In fact, I thought the siphon change, while I didn’t like it, may have been a positive as it showed that Epic would be changing rules to fit the different formats.

That has not happened. At all. They just reverted siphon and are now about to run into the World Cup with the late-game esports scene in it’s most chaotic state since the Winter Royale with the Infinity Blade.

How the pros reacted to the news:

So yeah, it’s not going so great in the pro Fortnite community these days. Normally there would be more reactions to news like this but Ninja’s last upload was Sekiro, Daequan is streaming other games and Cizzorz has been playing a lot of Rocket League, when not partnering with New Balance for Fun Run challenges.

This weekend could be Fortnite’s biggest event showcase to the mainstream esports world as it is the start of the qualifiers and if The Baller is running rampant, the reviews of Fortnite’s place as an esport will not be great.

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