Fortnite Battle Royale gets item after item added to its wide collection. A new grenade variant has cropped up in the v8.40 files and it would certainly be an interested addition.

Content updates often arrive in between major patch releases to deliver new items to Fortnite. The latest example of this being the Boom Bow.

A new such item may have been detected deep within the v8.40 files. We’re not quite sure what to make of it yet, but the name does give us a few ideas.

Portable Nuclear Power is on the way!

Nuclear power can be a marvelous thing and helps to power large sectors of the human population. The problem with its use is the massive amounts of long term waste.

Radioactive waste is extremely harmful to the human body, which makes it a deadly weapon. Epic Games seems to have picked up on this, according to a new leak.

The leak comes to us from verified data leaker @FortTory:

As FortTory points out, data miners have not been able to find any more files related to the item. It could be a placeholder or perhaps just something Epic was testing out.

What gameplay functions could this grenade have?

The old Smoke Grenades were little more than an annoyance

Every item that comes to Fortnite is almost always unique from its brothers and sisters. Epic prides itself on creating new content that doesn’t just copy old code to produce pseudo-new items.

We suspect that the Radioactive Grenade could be an upgraded reintroduction of the Grenades that were removed from the game.

The mechanics of the old Grenades worked quite well with a nice arc and delay on explosion. This new item may take those parameters while adding something new.

Smoke Grenades in Fortnite were a little bit useless when they were around. They did have an annoying way of messing up close range fights, but they were usually dropped for weapons or heals.

The Radioactive Smoke Grenades might bring back the vision blocking effect with a new damage effect. Stink Bombs already have a similar effect, but the vision blocking is minimal.

Epic may be looking to replace the Stink Bomb with a solution that does less damage per tick, but has better utility.

Some of the similarities to the Stink Bomb do give us some pause. We’ll just have to wait and see if Epic decides to move forward with the item.

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  1. Could be an enhanced version of the stink grenades like the shockwave grenade was an enhanced version of the impulse one.

  2. If they are running out of ideas then why dont they just bring back vaulted guns (not the op ones like zapotron, c4 and other ones


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