Epic Games has grown quite fond of the crossover events ever since the resounding success of the Infinity Gauntlet and EndGame LTMs. Let’s test your knowledge of these events and see how much you remember!

Epic started doing crossover events with Marvel when Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters. Players loved the idea and participated i nthe event by the millions.

The studios then decided to do it again with the release of the EndGame movie and it performed similarly well. Epic & Marvel decided to produce skins and other Item Shop content which undoubtedly made an immense amount of money.

The lock-on aim wasn’t the best idea… – via Epic Games

The event proved that crossovers were something that people were interested in seeing and other companies quickly wanted in as well.

John Wick 3’s ‘Wick’s Bounty’ followed directly after the EndGame event and now the current crossover is being done in partner with Jordan brand.

But enough about the history of crossovers in Fortnite, it’s FortniteINTEL quiz time.

We’ve crafted a short, 16 question quiz for you. The quiz includes a mixture of questions from the crossover events mentioned above. We tried to ask a wide variety of questions in order to stretch your knowledge base to its limits.

Don’t fret if you don’t know the answers. We’re not here to grade you on your performance. You will see the quiz give the correct answer after answering should you get something wrong. It’s a nice feature that gives some info for the future.

Afterwards, if you want to, you can tell us your score in the comments below! Highest score gets…bragging rights for all time. Next time you get into an argument in the comments, you can bring up that you won the highest score on the Crossover Quiz!

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