Fortnite has had a lot of weapons pass through its loot pools. How well do you know the stats of weapons, both vaulted and unvaulted? Let’s take a quiz to find out.

Epic Games adds and removes weapons from Fortnite regularly and even tweaks current weapon stats to help with balance. The current loot pools are already stretched to their limits, but when you account for vaulted weapons…the sheer volume of guns becomes huge.

Now, we’ve done some general weapons quizzes in the past, but we wanted to do something a little more in-depth this time around. For this quiz, we’ll be specifically focusing on the stats of weapons.

By stats, we mean everything from DPS to structure damage to reload times and more. It’ll be a little more intensive than some of the content we’ve had before.

Was it 150 or 157 damage? Can’t seem to remember.

The Weapon Stats Quiz will test you on a wide base of current weapons and includes a few vaulted weapon questions as well. If you don’t know the answer, take your best guess and the quiz will show you the correct answer should you get it wrong.

Many of the questions can be answered using some deduction based upon gameplay even if you do not know the exact value. This one truly is for those veteran players that inherently know their Fortnite weapons.

A “perfect” score should net you a 14/15 this time around…you’ll see what we mean if you are a fan of the Pump.

Remember, don’t cheat and have fun.

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