14 Days of Summer might be officially over with only its extra challenge completion time remaining, but we’re not quite done yet with the event. Let’s put your knowledge of the past two Fortnite weeks to the test!

Throughout 14 Days of Summer, we mentioned how impressed we were with the variety of content. The large of collection of assorted rewards, unique locations, and fun challenges brought out the best Fortnite has to offer and we hope to see the same design philosophy in Season 10.

Then, after 14 Days came to an end, we thought of ‘post-mortem’ ideas of our favorite event in a long time. Well, if it’s got a LOT of content and tons of little bits for players to collect and see…why not a quiz on those topics?

14 Days of Summer Fortnite Quiz – Cosmetics, Challenges, and more

Beating the quiz gets you a free ticket to Tahiti…as long as you pay for it.

And so, we’ve got another FortniteINTEL quiz for you to complete. While we can’t pump out content quite as fast as Epic Games, we still want to provide for our fans. If you want to hop right in at the deep end, you can find the quiz at the bottom.

For those that have participated in our past quizzes, like the Season 9 Quiz or the infamous Weapon Stats quiz (it’s a tad intensive), you’ll know that we like to challenge our quiz takers. Of course, we keep it fair and balanced, but those with the knowledge always come out on top. No RNG here!

Now, what does the 14 Days of Summer Quiz include? Well, we’ve poured in questions about every aspect of the event. You’ll find that your memory on LTMs, unvaulted weapons, outfits, cosmetics, and challenges will be put to the test. Everything in this quiz is linked to the 14 Days event.

The pictures included with each question may or may not be related to the question’s answer. Some might help you on your way while others will simply confuse you as you shuffle through your mind for the right answer. Or perhaps they are, in fact, all displaying the correct answer after all? You’ll just have to find out!

If you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t worry about it. No one is going to judge you harshly over a Fortnite quiz. Additionally, the quiz will let you know the right answer in real-time after you answer incorrectly. The next time someones asks you about 14 Days content, you’ll be the smartest of the bunch.

We’re also running a ‘Unvaulted Weapon Tourney’ on our Twitter at @FortniteINTEL via polling. You can vote for your favorites from among the 14 unvaulted weapons and advance them in our bracketed series. We’ve got our money on the Burst Assault Rifle or the Compact SMG.

After you’ve completed your run, we welcome you to tell us your score in our comments sections below the article.