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A total of EIGHT Seasons have come and gone since Fortnite Battle Royale has been released in late 2017. With the ninth Season on the horizon, we’re looking back at various weapons, events, and much more with our brand-new quiz!

As one of the most popular games in recent memory, Fortnite has undergone a massive amount of changes and updates in its young history.

New locations, weapons, emotes, outfits, and other forms of content have been added since the release of Battle Royale in September 2017, which have cemented Fortnite in gaming history.

With all of those changes, we have decided to create a quiz to test your knowledge on a variety of topics.

The quiz is split up into four rounds, with each round containing five total questions.

  • Round 1: Guess the weapon based on the sound it makes in-game (vaulted weapons are eligible!)
  • Round 2: Trivia about everything that’s happened in Season 8 so far
  • Round 3: Special in-game events and Limited Time Modes (Avengers LTM questions included!)
  • Round 4: Past seasons (1-7)

Each question can only be attempted once, so be sure to check all of your answers before submitting them!

Once the quiz is complete and you receive your score, you will be placed into one of five results categories that will show you, us, and everyone else how much you really know about the Battle Royale behemoth.

Ready? Good luck!

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