Some of gaming’s most popular personalities are set to have their own line of collectible figures that will be available for purchase at Target stores thanks to this leaked picture for an employee.

Top streaming personalities across Twitch and Mixer like Ninja, Summit1G, and Dr Disrespect will be getting modeled into their very own LAMO figures.

Several streamers on August 3 and August 4 tweeted promotional teaser pictures showing their outlines, including LIRIK’s.

The collectibles are to be sold in retail Target stores, and one employee leaked a picture of the figures included in the first wave of release.

LAMO at Target

A picture was leaked on Twitter on August 2 which show off the first line of LAMO figures to be sold where we can finally see the entire package.

Here are the first confirmed five streamers to have their own LAMO figures:

  • Dr Disrespect
  • Ninja
  • Summit1G
  • Timthetatman

Each figure has its own sense of personality as fans will not be able to show their support by purchasing the first wave of LAMO collectible figures. For example, Dr Disrespect’s figure includes the two-time’s signature sunglasses while Ninja’s proudly showcases his iconic bright blue hair.

The leaker did not say if there were any more streamers included in the first wave as he has only seen the initial five.

Fans who are interested in purchasing any of the LAMO figures will have to head to their local Target in the “action figure” or “video game” section.

Are you going to pick up any of the figures? Who is the first one you are going to collect? Let us know!

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