UPDATE: The Blue Pump Shotgun will do 10 damage per pellet, according to EpicEricSW.

The Pump Shotgun will receive a ‘rebalance’ in an upcoming Fortnite: Battle Royale update.

Following multiple tweaks and patches to the Pump Shotgun, the weapon will undergo yet another fix for balance.

Eric Williamson, the Fortnite Design Lead for Epic Games, announced via Twitter on November 20 that the Pump Shotgun adjustment will be added in the v6.31 update.

According to Williamson, the rebalance will ‘improve effectiveness’ with the Pump Shotgun by increasing damage in close quarters, and reducing range slightly.

All shotguns will also have a ‘3 pellet’ minimum damage, regardless of how many pellets actually hit the target.

You can view the original announcement below.

For months, community members have continued to share their thoughts regarding how the Pump Shotgun should be balanced, which was likely a major indicator for the developer to implement a change.

At the time of writing, it is unknown when the V6.31 update will actually be introduced to Fortnite: Battle Royale, but we will continue to provide more information as it is made available.

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