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Puddles forming in Fortnite tease a flood in Season 3

Puddles have begun forming across the Fortnite map, hinting at the rumored flood that will hit the island in Chapter 2 Season 3.



Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 still has a month left, but Epic are already teasing the next season. We saw some promotional photos for Season 3 revealed that make the theme clear: water is going to play a larger role.

When you combine that with the recent leaks about Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, it’s all but confirmed that a massive flood will hit the island.

Recently, players began to notice the in-game foreshadowing of a flood. Puddles have begun to appear all across the map. They’re small, right now, but will likely grow larger as the season draws to a close.

You may have even passed these areas – or ones like them – without noticing. We may not have been able to catch onto these teasers without the leaks giving us context, but it seems pretty clear that the flood is starting to happen.

We still have a ton of questions about how the map floods and what Season 3 will look like. Will the Doomsday Device trigger the flood? Will it happen overnight or over time? All of this remains to be seen.

So far, all of the leaks have proven to be true in one way or another. If the rest of the information is accurate, then we can expect an Aquaman skin and elemental fire damage in Season 3 – among other things.

We’ll have all of our questions answered on June 4, the scheduled beginning of Season 3. Until then, we can only keep our eyes peeled and speculate.


Replay images suggest Vending Machines will return in Fortnite Season 3

Could Vending Machines make their return in Fortnite Season 3?



You might not remember the days of the old Vending Machines in Chapter 1, but they took a while to find their footing. They started by charging players too many materials for a particular weapon before lowering their requirements and becoming much more popular. After some final adjustments, Epic decided to make the Vending Machine free, but only dispense one weapon per machine.

In Chapter 2, Epic removed Vending Machines from the map. There wasn’t a ton of need for them in the first two seasons. The loot pool was simple and Upgrade Stations allowed you to improve your loadout. In Season 3, however, things are starting to get a bit more cluttered. We could have a need for Fortnite Vending Machines, yet again.

It’s clear that Epic have the intention of adding Vending Machines back to Fortnite, eventually. We’ve seen some glitches and rendering problems that cause players to get a glimpse of Vending Machines in both Seasons 1 and 2. Season 3, however, seems like the most realistic time to add them back.

Theories of the return of Vending Machines are back in the news because of what some players are finding in Replay Mode. We’ve seen screenshots of Vending Machines at The Shark, Camp Cod, and other locations around the map. It’s clear that Epic know where they’d put them, at least.

As the water levels lower throughout Season 3, we may begin to see Vending Machines poke out. They all seem to offer Miniguns, at the moment, which are not in the base loot pool. This could always change in a later patch, however.

Epic seem to be dedicated to bringing back the ever-changing Fortnite world that we saw during Chapter 1. The more item in the loot pool, the more RNG you’ll have. Vending Machines have always been a way to mitigate RNG, and could be perfect in Season 3 – at least, we hope.

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Jason Momoa & Donald Mustard tease Fortnite Aquaman Battle Pass skin

Aquaman is all but confirmed for the Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass.



Fortnite Season 3 is only hours away and the teasers are heating up. We first saw Fortnite tweet a cryptic teaser that showed nothing more than some water and a yellow rod.

Fans began speculating, immediately. They combined this image with one of the popular rumors of the Season 3 Battle Pass: Aquaman. When overlaying this image with a picture of a trident, it seems to be a match.

Not long after this speculation began, Epic confirmed that the image was of a trident. They emailed a separate teaser to select members of the community, showing a full picture of what we can assume to be a Battle Pass pickaxe.

This confirmation only added to the speculation, but it didn’t do anything to confirm an Aquaman skin. After all, there are other underwater figures that wield a trident. Posideon was another common guess for a potential Season 3 skin. This would follow the mythological theme of Midas, after all.

That was until Tuesday morning when Aquaman actor, Jason Momoa, posted the teaser on his Instagram story. Epic Games Creative Director and Fortnite teaser machine, Donald Mustard, Tweeted the image with an eyeball emoji.

At this point, it’s becoming pretty clear that Epic are going to offer an Aquaman skin as a part of the Season 3 Battle Pass. If it follows the Deadpool model, it will also be the “secret” Battle Pass skin.

This isn’t confirmation, exactly, but it’s as close as we can get. We’ll know more when the new season comes out, but all eyes are on Aquaman for Season 3.

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New Fortnite theory suggests Kevin will return in Season 3

Kevin the Cube has to return to Fortnite at some point. Fans think he’s coming sooner rather than later.



Kevin the Cube Fortnite skin

Fortnite Chapter 1 had a lot of moving pieces, but there were two figures that tied everything together: The Visitor and Kevin the Cube. These characters/plot elements drove everything that happened during Chapter 1, from The Rifts to the Black Hole.

Naturally, fans assume that both of these figures will return – in some form or fashion – in Chapter 2. We already know about Kevin’s influence on Steamy Stacks, but his presence in the Chapter 2 world appears to go deeper than that.

We’re mere hours away from the Device Event at the time of writing, and fans are creating a last-minute theory that has Kevin returning after or during the Season 2 conclusion. What started this theory was a promotional tweet from Fortnite, showing off the new Cyclone skin.

Eagle-eyed Fortnite players noticed a small rune in the top-left corner of the image. It’s difficult to see at first, and you may need to zoom in and turn up your brightness.

This rune happens to be identical to one of the runes that Kevin left behind on the Chapter 1 map. Nobody figured out what these runes meant – if they meant anything, directly – but this secret message is obviously intentional.

Players in the comments pointed to the Save the World version of the game, where Kevin and the storm are intertwined. Kevin likely plays a role – even controls – the storm in Battle Royale as well, so Midas may be waging war against Kevin.

Will Kevin return during the event? After the event? A few seasons down the line? Only time will tell. Until then, we can just watch the Device Event and craft our theories for the future.

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