Players continue to fall for this popular Fortnite troll. Here’s a PSA to everyone: stop falling for this.

It’s difficult to dub something “the oldest trick in the book” when the book has only been out for a little over a month. Still, this Fortnite troll is quickly becoming the oldest trick in the book.

If you’re a regular visitor of the r/FortniteBR subreddit, then you probably know what I’m talking about: players building at the bottom of the waterfalls to bait opponents (and even teammates) into jumping off and dying.

There are countless clips of players jumping off of the waterfall, only to be greeted by a tarp of wood that results in their death.

Fortnite players began using this trick almost immediately. I’ve even trolled a friend or two with it, myself. It’s a funny gag as long as you have a Medkit or some Floppers they can use to get back up to 100HP.

Of course, opponents fall for it too. This is the more recent clip that inspired the PSA you’re now reading.

We’re nearly six weeks into Chapter 2. Stop falling for this, people. You’re past the point of complaining if you die to this. It’s on you to check before you jump.

It can be difficult to remember if you’re in a pinch, but you should always take a peek over the side of the waterfall before you jump. It will take you a few extra seconds but it may save your life.

Don’t say that no one warned you if you die to this.

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and lover/hater of all things Fortnite. Good comms on Twitter @JimmyDangus.