Yesterday, we saw one of the best storylines of the Fortnite Champion Series: Protect the Farm. Team Liquid did everything in their power to establish their dominance over Frenzy Farm.

The Fortnite Champion Series Week 4 finals were one of the best times to be a fan of competitive Fortnite. We saw Tfue’s team implode as the streamer lashed-out at another pro player for contesting Steamy Stacks.

Towards the middle of the map, there was a massive battle over Frenzy Farm that spanned several matches. Pro player and content creator YourFellowArab and his squad made it clear that they would be contesting the Liquid team of Vivid, Chap, 72hrs, and CizLucky.

The rivalry started as soon as the competition did. CizLucky and Chap immediately contested Arab, who took them down with a burst AR.

As you can imagine, Arab shouted and boasted after winning the fight. He and his team let Vivid and 72hrs get away but went on to win their first match.

Things went quite a bit differently after the first game. The Liquid team established their dominance, repeatedly killing Arab and his teammates until they stopped contesting Frenzy Farm and The Orchard.

This fight didn’t stop there, though. Arab and his squad gave up on contesting the Liquid boys, but ‘Lucky Liquid’ wasn’t done with them. The latter squad saw their arch enemies rotating mid-game, and did all they could to hunt them down and kill them.

Chap, 72hrs, Vivid, and CizLucky have already qualified for the FNCS Grand Finals. They don’t need to score any more points, so they threw their final match to grief YourFellowArab and make sure that his team never returned to ‘Frenzy Clout Farm.’

The whole back-and-forth was incredibly entertaining. It was all in-game and fair, despite allegations that each team pulled up the others’ streams to gain an advantage.

There’s no evidence of this on either side – at least while the teams were still playing. Arab pulled up a Liquid stream at one point after he died but never relayed any information to his squad about where the opponents were heading.

By most accounts, this is an entertaining and controversy-free display of competitive Fortnite. Arab and his squad wanted the smoke and ‘Lucky Liquid’ wanted to make sure that no one contested them in the Grand Finals.

The Liquid boys made an example out of the contesting team: “This is what happens if you come after us.” They went a step further and taught Arab and company a lesson by griefing them in the later matches.

The whole thing was extremely entertaining to watch. I suggest pulling up a VOD or watching a highlight video if you haven’t seen it. Good content all around.

GG’s only.

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