The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is going on right now and they have access to a future LTM.

The Prop Hunt LTM was found in the game files last week and we knew what to expect with it.

Basically the new prop-o-matic gun allows you to turn yourself into a random object. Think of a bush but much, much better.

In the new LTM, players basically play an upgraded version of hide and seek. Some players turn themselves into random objects while others go trying to figure out what they are disguised as.

Here is the list of all the different items you can turn yourself into which Fortnite leaker FireMonkeyFM had to spread over three tweets:

Incredibly, that’s not even all of the different options. Thanks to some clips from E3, we can see DrLupo playing the LTM a day early.

As you can see, he’s opted to turn himself into a plastic flamingo and hide among the rest of the flock. That seems like a pretty amazing hiding place all things considered.

We still don’t have a ton of information about how the LTM works but gameplay is trickling out from E3 and it seems very likely that the LTM will be added during the downtime of the v9.21 update.

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