The Fortnite Champion Series for Fortnite Chapter 2 has had its issues, and pro players participating in the competition have had enough.

Fortnite is arguably the biggest game of all time. Epic have pushed Fortnite to become one of the biggest esports ever as well, offering massive prize pools for their tournaments.


There have only been a handful of LAN tournaments in Fortnite history, and he bulk of the competition is done online – even if they’re only qualification matches.

Fortnite competitive series chapter 2

In Season 10, Epic introduced the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) for the first time. This region-specific trios competition took place entirely online as streamers and pro players duked it out for the top prize.

Epic reintroduced the FNCS to Fortnite Chapter 2, but this time had squads competing. Three weeks into the competition and many competitors are heated over the bugs causing them to lose points and miss qualification.

Several pro players have experienced the bug that Grazca is discussing above. Nate Hill, Ninja, and Reverse2k missed out on points when FunkBomb disconnected from one of their matches.

When this happens, all you can do is leave the game or play it out like a scrim. The points don’t count unless everyone on the squad is in the match.

Here are a few other players who experienced this issue over the first three weeks of competition.

Week 3 of the FNCS had its issues, but week 2 was even worse. Points didn’t count and players weren’t able to queue for their final games.

At least, Epic addressed the issues with the FNCS week 2 tournaments. They’ve been silent on the disconnecting problems, thus far.

Epic needs to optimize the matchmaking system if they want Fortnite pros to continue to take the game seriously as an esport. Fortnite doesn’t have to conform to the format of other esports, but it does have to be fair.

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